My Everyday Carry (Or: The Mom EDC)


This is going to be a little bit of a different post. A lot of people are sharing (on Reddit, YouTube, and various other places) what they have in their EDC or “Every Day Carry.” Essentially, your EDC is the collection of things that you carry every day. It can be as simple as your wallet, phone and sunglasses, as tricked out as a diaper bag with things for three kids of different ages, or as serious as survival items. Your EDC is largely dependent on your needs and those of your family, as well as the bag and/or pockets that you generally have on you.

Now, a lot of the videos you’ll see on EDCs have grizzled dudes emptying their pockets of all sorts of things of alleged use to people who can go to the grocery store without one child “needing” band-aid for the scab they just re-discovered just as the other one sneezes and gets snot all over their coat sleeve. Sorry, guys, but I just can’t help but laugh at the idea of leaving the house with nothing but my phone, wallet, a way-too-complicated flashlight, and some sort of weapon (wait, did I just say “weapon?” Yes, I did. Maybe it’s an American thing?) I may be long past the diaper bag stage (my kids are 8 and 9 at the time of writing), but there is just no conceivable way I’m leaving the house without most of the items on this list. Heck, even before becoming a mom I carried more than what most guys’ pockets can carry just in hygiene items.

So here we go. This is the Mom (of school-aged kids) EDC:


1. Wallet and Keys

2. Phone
Mostly used to entertain children with games when they get bored.

3. Sketchbook and pencils
Allegedly to sketch in when I have a moment (lol). Mostly used as the item the other kid uses to entertain themselves when they’re bored and waiting for their turn with the phone. I like to get a set of three Moleskine Journals (affil) for this purpose. They’re durable, not terribly expensive, and if I actually do get the chance to draw in them myself they lie nice and flat for that purpose.

4. Crayons
ABSOLUTELY NOT TO BE USED IN THE SKETCHBOOK. OK, use them in the sketchbook, fine, whatever it takes.

5. Pens of various types
Mainly used when I forget to sign the kids’ agendas and realize suddenly while pulling up to the school drop-off line.

6. Tissues or wet wipes
I wish I were one of those moms who carried cute little packages of Kleenex and handy packages of wipes, but who am I kidding? The fact that I remember to keep this ugly sandwich bag full of tissues in here is a damn miracle. Mostly used in desperate attempts to mop up drink spills in the back seat.

7. Hair brush & hair ties
Because it’s windy here. And because my daughter often forgets to put hers in her dance bag.

8. Sunglasses
For when I’m on the case and need to drop a one-liner.

9. One-size-fits-all gloves
The notorious “Magic Gloves.” I don’t know how many winter mornings I spent desperately combing the floor of the vehicle in hopes of finding a pair of these because someone forgot to bring their OWN gloves to school, but eventually I got wise and started carrying a pair in my bag. During the summer these will probably get switched out for an extra pair of socks, for those rainy days when we spontaneously go to an indoor playground and one of the kids is wearing sandals.

10. Snacks
My kids are growing. Need I say more?

11. Caffeine sources (affil: Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee )
I HAVE kids. Need I say more?

12. Change and transit tickets
Because they get thrown in here and forgotten about until that rare time when the first of the month sneaks up on my husband and he hasn’t bought his monthly transit pass yet, or when we want to be able to drink wine on a date.

13. Hygiene items
Because sometimes hygiene emergencies happen. (Bonus tip: Deodorant is awesome for preventing blisters. Just swipe it wherever those cute new shoes are rubbing.)

14. Rescue inhaler
For my asthma. I can’t believe I’m back to carrying this thing around! One of the only things that sucks about being in my 30’s, the return of my childhood asthma.

15. Contact lens case with saline solution
Have I mentioned it’s windy here? Dust gets kicked up and thrown in my eyes by the wind on a fairly regular basis. This is the solution.

16. “The Pharmacy”
I always used to tease my sister-in-law for having “the whole pharmacy” in her bag (I’m pretty sure she’s the queen of the EDC, by the way, even though she doesn’t call it that). Well, I don’t know what it is, but this past year or so has been TERRIBLE for my seasonal allergies. When it’s not a runny nose and asthma attacks it’s Ocular Migraines (which make it impossible to drive). Add to that the fact that I’m working out more again and being sore makes me grumpy these days, and that we’ve had a few sudden onset stomach emergencies while on the road…Well, anyways, I understand now and I’m sorry I ever doubted the need!

I actually was keeping most of what’s in this little “pharmacy” bag in my vehicle in the winter. Now that it’s warming up, though, the inside of the vehicle is just going to be too hot to store most of the pain killers and allergy meds. This weekend I got organized and put it all in a makeup bag I wasn’t using, so it can live in my bag through the warmer days and go back in the vehicle for cooler months. I’ve also thrown in some Band-Aids (another must-have when you have kids, and a good-to-have if you’re just clumsy like me), an emergency sewing kit (which has safety pins, needles, thread, and transparent buttons, as well as a mirror on the inside wall of the case), a sunscreen stick (SPF 50…what you need when you’ve got a family full of blondes and a redhead), hand lotion, and chapstick.

Well, there you have it! That’s my EDC. Excessive? Not for me. There is almost nothing in there I don’t need on a weekly basis (some of the hygiene items are monthly, of course), and very little I don’t have some use for on a daily basis. It’s definitely much lighter than the diaper bag I once needed (SO glad I don’t have to carry one of those anymore).

You’ll notice that there isn’t really anything by way of makeup in there. If I’m feeling fancy I might throw some lip stuff and a touch-up stick in my bag, but honestly, I usually don’t wear makeup. It’s expensive, time consuming, and my skin doesn’t like it (no, not even whatever you’re selling…believe me, I’ve tried it all at various times in my life and it all makes me break out). Probably most women have far more in that department, though.

So, spill! What’s in your EDC?


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