Lake Country Throw

Tonight I took a little leap of faith and published my Lake Country Throw pattern on Ravelry.

This is a very simple pattern I dreamed up because I found Kertzer’s beautiful James C. Brett Marble Chunky in one of my favourite shades of purple. It just so happened I was also in need of a throw for my living room, and a pattern I could also easily use to knit a quick blanket for my family’s vacation home in BC’s Lake Country. Once I got the pattern worked out, this throw took me just a few short hours to knit up!

Anyhow, the pattern is up and available for download on Ravelry, right over here. It’s free, so help yourself! And if you decide you want to knit one for yourself (or a friend…or three…it’s simple and fast enough!), please put some pictures up on Ravelry and let me know how it went!


4 thoughts on “Lake Country Throw

  1. shetlandhandknitter says:

    Hi, that’s brilliant – putting up a pattern and the blanket looks lovely – I would love to get organised and put up some of my work as patterns also onto Ravelry but I am not quite sure where to start at the moment!

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