I feel like I’m always working these days. When I’m not actually at the café, I’m at home working on my business or working on the house. I’m finding that being deliberate about every use of my time is a must if my family’s needs are also going to be met.

The good news is, I’m not taking those precious times with my kids for granted. The books, snuggles, rambunctious play, the teaching, the laughing…it’s all getting stored up and looked forward to every minute. I am grateful for lessons learned in hard times.

There’s been a lot of disappointment already this year, for us and for those we love…but tonight in my wanderings I found so many small but bright reminders that God is in control. I need some time before I tell you what those glimmers were…but whether or not they work out I’m glad for them. I’ve missed a few great opportunities over the last few years, but what that tells me is that there are ALWAYS opportunities moving through our lives. Which ones work out is up to God.

In other news: we’ve received a date for our son’s Speech Assessment! Thanks for your continued prayers!

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