Depend – a change of seasons

Inspired by a friend’s commitment, I’ve determined that for one week I will “show up” here every day, just to write…anything. I’m dropping the notion that it has to be perfect and just letting it be.

Things have changed around here a lot in the last while. My husband and I have both effectively become self-employed, and I went back to work as a Barista to ease the uncertainty of that.

We’ve been learning a lot. I’ve had a lot of preconceptions about how my life was going to go challenged…and that’s for the better, really. It’s not easy, by any stretch, but there’s that whole pressure-makes-diamonds thing that makes me grateful for it anyway (hey, I DID learn something from my little Thankfulness exercise…wait…was that the last time I wrote?! Well I guess there was that artist thing…)

Best lesson so far? Learning that calling myself “strong and independent” doesn’t actually make me trying to be self-reliant any better. I’ve had to depend so much on God, on my husband, on other people…but I’m finding that that’s okay. Really, that’s what we’re meant for. There’s physically no way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and the same goes for the rest of life.

Also, this whole spending the last couple years learning how to manage our finances well thing? REALLY coming in handy right now. I’ll talk more about that later.

Anyway,  all this to say we’re okay. Thanks to God. We’re okay.

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