A Week of Giving Thanks: Day 6 – For Change

Sorry for the tardiness…I did MOSTLY write this yesterday, but work took over and I had to put this aside for a few hours to save my sanity…and then I went to bed, forgetting it.

I’ll admit it: I’m usually the first one to grumble when Facebook changes the way I get my social media fix. I didn’t like it when my favourite independent coffee shop embraced a modern, uptown look instead of sticking with the old-world feel I’d known through my growing up years. It took me over a year to admit that, yes, leggings are rather comfy, and perhaps wide flared pants could take a break for a few years (we’re JUST on a break!) But none of that compares to the way I feel about spiritual growing pains, the rock-hard feeling in my stomach that groans, “but that’s just how I am! There’s no changing that,”  and then the cracking of my walls as I begin to admit that maybe God’s right (ya think?)

But as I peer out into a world of golden leaves and shimmering frost, I must admit there’s something to be said for change. Without change, we’d never see sunrise and sunset or the shifting colours of the seasons. Without change I would never have made most of the friends I have today, be married to my wonderful husband, or have two beautiful, growing children. And without change, how could we be transformed into the people God wants us to be?

I am grateful for change, painful or no.

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