A Week of Giving Thanks: Day 3 – For Laughter

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know that I take a pretty casual approach to chores. Yes, admittedly that DOES sometimes mean they get done late, but mostly what it means is that I’m not too fussy on *how* it gets done, so long as it gets done. For instance, I don’t carry my dirty laundry down the stairs. That would be boring. And it may lead to herniated disks or somesuch (you just never know!) Instead, I take that basket of laundry and THROW its contents onto the main floor from the balcony that overlooks the front entry.

Yes. I know. Probably one of these days I’m going to shock some dear but fussy old lady who will approach the door just as I’m tossing all our underwear down. But you know what? I don’t care. Because the peals of laughter that issue forth from my children’s bellies when they see mommy throwing laundry down the stairs with the cry, “LOOK OUT BELOW!” make any threat of embarrassment seem…actually, even funnier. And if you saw the way the kids run to their rooms to search for their OWN dirty laundry that they might join the fun, well, I don’t think you’d do it any other way!

You should hear this kid's belly laugh!

Tonight was hard with the kids…we did have a great time with the laundry this afternoon, but later in the day we were tired and probably emotionally drained from the long weekend. It was really hard to get around to writing this post, because some of the battles we fought as parents ended in discouragement.

But I’m glad I did this anyway. I am so SO thankful for laughter tonight. Laughter rings of hope, gives chase to our fears, heals wounds, stirs fond memories, binds us together.

2 thoughts on “A Week of Giving Thanks: Day 3 – For Laughter

  1. Katrina MacWhirter says:

    I have heard that belly laugh, and it is one of the greatest treasures of my life.

    Thankful for you, sister-dear, and the way that you live.

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