I’m a dreamer. Always have been. Sometimes my dreams are wild and unlikely, some are grand but doable, some are quaint and likely but must be saved for later. Often I dream out loud and scare my family (haha), though I think they often take those more seriously than I intend.

But there is this one dream I have…call it a recurring daydream. It sneaks up on me when I’m watching a sun-shower, finds me when I’m photographing flowers or ducks, wraps me in warmth on chilly winter nights.

Β In this dream I am living in the country on a small acreage or hobby farm. Sometimes we keep chickens, usually there is a large vegetable garden and a dog trotting at my heels. Add a horse or two, a small (but well-planned and comfortable) house, a little barn, and a play house for the kids, and you have a little picture of the life I’ve dreamed up for my family.

And I think we can make it happen. I would love to say “in a year,” but I’m thinking more likely two to four (though as an aside, I must say that those who support me in this are sadly few, and that makes it hard…so hard). In any case, we’ll say “when it’s God’s will.”

Above all, I must remember that the thing most present in those little dreams is love. The dream exists for the love of my family, for the memories we can make…and I remind myself as I wake from my daydreams how that part starts now. So I rise from my reveries and, giving each of my children a kiss, pick up a book or a crayon, to help them become dreamers too (and silently resolve that their little dreams will also be mine).


3 thoughts on “Dreamer

  1. Krissy says:

    Dear Friend,
    This is the sweetest, most lovely thing I have read all day. Please know that there are those of us who share in this dream with you and are supporting you in the best ways we know how. In my daydream: I live in a little cottage surrounded by wild flowers and gardens. There are probably chickens there too, and likely some cats and children. In my daydream, I feel like the colour yellow is wrapping me up like a lovely warm blanket of joy- especially on the rainy days. You are doing the right thing for your family. You are smart in an old-world peaceful sort of way- misunderstood by too much bustle and city life.

    (Maybe in our daydreams….our homes could be near each other)

  2. thismama says:

    It sounds lovely! Sometimes it is hard to be patient and to hang on to dreams when support is little (believe me, I know) but timing is everything.
    And you are wise to recognize the love within those dreams and to know that it is present now for it to be present there.

  3. literaryitinerary says:

    i like this dream a lot. (and i know you got to share a little bit of it with me when i was up visiting). πŸ™‚

    i have a reoccurring dream, too, but i don’t know if i’m quite ready to share it with anyone just yet. i think the longer i allow myself to become immersed in the dream, the clearer it becomes, and the little more towards reality is progresses (at least i think so anyway).

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