Patience Rewarded

 “I waited patiently for the LORD;
he turned to me and heard my cry. ”
Psalm 40:1

Somehow I just don’t believe it’s been another month since I wrote, but datestamps don’t lie. Well, these ones don’t, anyway. So little and so much has happened in the last month; not a lot that can be written on a list, but so much that I’m beginning to feel like a new person all over again. God’s been hard at work, as always.

About this time last month I shared briefly about a tiny decision regarding my schooling (whether I should take a fast-track program this summer, or do something else) that was, in reality, consuming hours of my waking thoughts. Evidently I’m a little thick and haven’t quite learned that lesson God’s been teaching me about worry, and how it’s completely pointless. Anyway, I did resolve to give it to God and just wait.

I managed it, somehow.

Here I’d like to tell you how I knew all along that He would answer my prayers and my patience with grace, but I’m going to be honest: I fully expected a door or two to slam shut on me.

Where on earth do I get that? For some reason, I always expect God to behave like the more thoughtless members of the human race.  Actually making sense of that attitude might take the space of a whole book, so for now let’s agree that it doesn’t make sense and that it is ridiculous.

Instead of a door in the face [I got grace! No, don’t write that.] God gave me the perfect answer to my dilemma:  The school I have already been taking courses with is starting a Certificate program this Fall, and what’s more, I only need two more courses to complete it! Which means this little segment of my dream is going to cost me about $800 less than I thought it would!

In case you’re still not impressed, get a load of this: $800 is also how much I’ve been quoted for a long-awaited repair on our Jeep to get done…and here I thought it would be school OR the repair.

Y’know, God’s pretty great. Just sayin’.

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