Swiftly Shared

I have only one short thought to share tonight (to make-up for the length of my last post).

Don’t underestimate the impact that small changes can make. Financially, put $25 into a savings account, cut back on your cellphone plan, skip the trip to the coffee shop. It may seem like such a frivolous amount, but if you sit there and think, “whatever, it’s not going to make THAT big of a difference,” you’re not going to get anywhere at all, are you?

Let me be really frank: there are ALWAYS going to be hard times. It’s frustrating as all get out…I’m having “one of those days” myself, when I just want to give up (which is really why I’m writing this…to remind myself more than you). But don’t stop. Keep going anyway. And be prepared.

Keep your budget tight during the months where there is plenty and plunk the extra in a High-Interest Savings Account you can’t access from your wallet the next time you’re at the mall. Do it as soon as that bonus or extra paycheque comes in (if you’re on a two-week pay schedule you’ll have two months out of the year where you get three paycheques…use them wisely!) Once you have an emergency fund (aim for $1,000.00 at first, then make your next goal 3-6months of expenses) THEN you can make some extra fun money out of that bonus.

Write down every trim you make to your budget.  Heck, don’t even do the trimming yet, just make a THEORETICAL list of the things you could cut back and how much. One coffee a week. Fewer services on your phone bill (even caller ID is a WANT not a NEED! Sure, it’s convenient, but so is having an Emergency Fund.) Do the math. You’ll be surprised.

2 thoughts on “Swiftly Shared

  1. christsavesme says:

    Amen! I agree completely! We are now working on cutting soda drinks out of our diet. We have been looking at our consumption of various things: TV, food, sodas, etc and have decided to cut out many things. We have not had satellite for over a year and don’t miss it! We use Netflix for $10 a month and have amazon prime that just put unlimited streaming of many, many movies and shows on. We went from about $90 a month in TV cost to less than $15 when we add in the amazon prime….and that saves on shipping for our homeschool books too!

    • swiftandwhimsy says:

      I think you’ll find that, after a while of not drinking soda, you will never want to go back! Since I cut it out I just can’t even take it anymore. Every now and then I’ll be at a relative’s and will think “sure, maybe it would be a nice treat.” Half an hour later my stomach reminds me why I don’t buy it anymore, and a day later my skin will break out.

      I don’t miss cable either. Netflix is the best!

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